Stop struggling with social media! 

You're wasting precious time trying to figure out what to post. Ditch the stress and overwhelm, and learn exactly what to say to attract more buyers and sellers.   


Stop Struggling with Social Media

You're wasting precious time trying to figure out what to post. Ditch the stress and overwhelm, and learn exactly what to say to attract more buyers and sellers.   


Know What to Post

Learn what post types work and what to say to your followers and potential clients

Attract More Clients

Learn how to use an Ideal Client Avatar to attract and convert your dream clients

Save Time and Energy

Learn how to create a content schedule to avoid overwhelm and stress. 

This Can't Go On!

All the time you're spending looking at what other people are doing, is only making you feel more discouraged and overwhelmed. Not to mention all the time you're wasting trying to collect ideas, organize your system and figure out a way to make social media work for you!     

Ready to Change that?


Does this sounds familiar?

→ You spend what seems like hours every time you make a post: social media feels like a full-time job!

→ You feel stuck on WHAT content to create in the first place!

→ You only seem to attract your competitors or people who won't even work with you.

→ You feel confused about hashtags, algorithms, posting times, posting frequency, etc. 

Here's Why You're Struggling 

What you're doing right now isn't working. It's overwhelming and time consuming and it's just not effective.     

→ You don't have a SIMPLE system for content creation & planning, making everything take longer and feel harder than it should.

→ You don't have a CLEAR image of who your target audience is, causing you to struggle with what to post and how to talk to them. 

→You have unrealistic expectations of how it should look, based on advice from people that don't know YOUR situation or business.  

Let me help you create the social media presence you need for your real estate business by teaching you an EASY system that works!  

I want the system!

Hey There! I'm Michelle

I'm the founder and CEO of the Aligned Agent Academy.

I'm also a brokerage owner with approx. 300 agents and staff, a Forbes published writer and speaker, a mom, a wife, and a mentor.

I know what it's like to wear multiple hats and run a business while trying to keep up with the demands of the rapidly evolving industry!

What makes this course different from everything else?

As an expert in brain-based coaching strategies, I understand that the #1 thing that stops us from showing up and being consistent, is fear and overwhelm. 

When you try to do things the way other people do them, or when you attempt to implement strategies without a proper system, you not only hinder productivity, but you create more stress. 

The systems I teach are designed to help you reduce the overwhelm by removing the noise and helping you focus on exactly what you need to know and do.

 This course is not fluff.  It’s hands-on, actionable, and simple.

It's what you need to feel confident and show up consistently so that you can create the results you want.

~ Michelle

What can you expect after the course?
Check out a few testimonials from our members!


Linda B.H.

I just completed The Social Media for Realtors Made Easy course. It is such an EASY system! No more fear and overwhelm! I know exactly what and when to post, and how to connect with
my dream clients!
This system is Easy!!

Aldina C.

The PERFECT EASY TO FOLLOW MARKETING SYSTEM! It gave me the exact steps I need to reach my target audience on Social Media and showed me how to find my perfect client. The course replaced my fear with excitement. Thanks Michelle!!!

Rebecca M.

The name says it all! Everything is broken down into small and manageable steps! Social media used to overwhelm me and stress me out! After going through the course, I know who my target audience is & what I need to post to get their attention. Michelle's systems are EASY!

What you'll get out of this course:


✔️ The foundations for a successful Social Media Strategy

  ✔️ Steps for how to attract your dream clients

✔️ How to use an 'Ideal Client Avatar' to create posts and content

✔️Easy and effective systems for creating, organizing, storing and sharing content

✔️ Access to members only support group

✔️ On-Demand Video Course Platform 

✔️ Downloadable Worksheets


✔️ Lifetime Access


Have a closer look at each of the modules!

The modules are specifically designed to help you create the skillset and systems you need to make social media EASY to maintain and grow.


Dream Clients - Made Easy!

  • Learn what an Ideal Client Avatar is, and why you need one
  • Step by Step process for creating and validating your Ideal Client Avatar
  • Tips for using an Ideal Client Avatar in your business


Creating Content - Made Easy!

  • Avoiding overwhelm with content creation
  • 3 easy to use Content Buckets to create consistency, authority and engagement
  • Ideas, tips and time-saving systems for creating content


Creating Systems - Made Easy!

  • Learn a system for Organizing and Storing your content ideas
  • Create a content planning schedule for consistent posts
  • Implement an easy to follow social media posting schedule 


Advanced Strategies

In this bonus module you'll learn a thing or two about scheduling apps, photos, hashtags and more!

The Way I See It You Have Two Choices


You can do nothing, go back to your old habits and move further and further away from the life you want.


You can finally put yourself first, and work on creating the life and business you've always wanted.

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